Free Vacations
You might just wonder how this could be possible that we could offer these incentives?

Hotels, travel companies, restaurants, and other establishments contracts with companies in order to provide these incentives. They offer these incentives to get people to use their services and see what they have to offer. This builds brand loyalty.
For example, hotels rarely experience full occupancy except during conventions, major holidays and weekends, so they contract with certain travel promotion companies, like them, to give the rooms away free with the 3 day, 2 night vacation certificate to get people to come and see what they have to offer. When hotels have empty rooms, they do not make any money, and it's a waste of a good room. Although they have lost the price of the room regardless, they can still let you stay for free in the hopes that you'll stay longer, eat in their restaurants, spend money at their in-house shops and casinos, and take advantage of their amenities(spa, room service, etc.). And when you leave, after having had a great time, they hope that you'll come back to stay with them in the future and maybe even tell a few friends. This builds brand loyalty.

What types of hotels are offered?

The 3 Day, 2 Night Vacation Certificates offer accommodations with quality hotels that range from 3-4 stars and are in the same class of hotels like Hyatt, Radisson Holiday Inn, Best Western, Quality Inn, Marriott, Wyndham and Sheraton, Double Tree, Ramada and other well-known franchises.
The hotels are booked in and around the main tourist areas of the destination. The offer is based on availability, so the hotel the person receives depends upon which hotel is available for the travel dates chosen.

This is not a Timeshare Vacation

You will never be required to listen to any sales pitch, take a tour, or in any other way be required to consider buying anything to take advantage of the "Free Accommodations" offered by our Free Hotel Certificates.

So, if you can not afford to travel and would like to or just want to take advantage of this great opportunity or other offers simply fill in the form at the bottom of the screen with your name, email and phone number it’s fast and free. Then you will receive a certificate by email then print the certificate out follow the directions standard size of the certificate is 8 1/2 by 11 now please, enjoy the vacation I have provided.
Frank R